High-speed Blister Packing Machine

Packaging Area

Ampoule filling and sealing machine

High speed ampoule filling and sealing machine

Automatic Inspection Machine

Automatic Ampoule Inspection

Apoule Washing Machine & Tunnel

Apoule Washing Machine & Tunnel

Ampoule Labeling Machine

Ampoule Labeling Machine

HPLC (high-performance liquid chromatography)

Formulation and Development

MT Weighing Scale 1

Mettler Todelo Weighing Scale

Total Organic Carbon Analyzer

Formulation and Development

Humidity Chambers

Formulation andDevelopment

Walk-in Incubator

Formulation and Development

MT Weighing Scale 2

Mettler Toledo Weighing Scale

Chemical Testing

Chemical Testing Laboratory

Multi Effect Evaporator



Utility Building

Diesel Generator

Power Backup

Electric Panels

LT Panel Room

Air Handling Units

Service Floor

Air Compressors

Utility Building

Pure Steam Generator and Multi-column Distillation Plant


RO and EDI

Water System

Water pre-treatment area

Water System

Secondary Packaging Material Store


Raw-material Storage


Primary packaging material store

Motorised Mobile Rack

GLP Certificate

Good Laboratory Practices Certificate

GMP Certificate

State GMP

WHO-GMP Certificate

Achieved on 14-02-2018

OHSAS 18001:2007

For Occupational Health & Safety Management System Standard

ISO 14001:2015

For Environ Management System

ISO 9001:2015

For Quality Management System